The Abba Fund

Through the ABBA Fund, we are able to offer interest-free loans to church members that are seeking to expand their families through adoption.

What is the ABBA Fund?

The ABBA Fund provides assistance to churches in establishing and administering church adoption funds. In addition to the general ABBA Fund, there a specific fund set up by ABBA for the use
and benefit of Grace Community Church.

There are two ways to be involved with the GCC ABBA Fund:

  • By contributing to the fund, you can make a tax-deductible gift that will be available for members of GCC who are interested in adoption.
  • By applying to use the fund, you can express your interest in receiving an interest-free loan and/or grant from the fund for your adoption expenses.

Why is GCC using the ABBA Fund?

Tax law make it difficult for churches to sponsor their own privately-managed adoption fund. Even if that wasn’t a barrier, it takes significant expertise to manage such a fund. ABBA provides the expertise to manage such a fund for GCC at no cost, and allows people to make tax-free contributions (to the extent allowed by tax law) for the benefit of families considering adoption.

How do I contribute to the GCC ABBA Fund?

You can contribute in several ways:

  •  By placing a check in the offering boxes. Your check must be payable to
    “ABBA Fund”, and you must write “Grace Community Church, Minden NV Adoption Fund” in the memo line.
  •  By sending a check payable to “ABBA Fund” directly to:
    ABBA Fund
    P.O. Box 868049
    Plano, TX 75086
    Please write “Grace Community Church, Minden NV” in the memo line of your check.

I am interested in adoption. How do I apply for a loan from the ABBA Fund?

    1. First, please let the elders know about your desire to adopt. They will schedule a time to meet with you and discuss the process.
    2. Next, you will need to start the home study process required by all adoption agencies. The cost for the home study is not covered by the ABBA Fund.
    3. Next, download the ABBA Fund Application and fill it out. Once you and the elders have signed it, you can submit it to the ABBA Fund.
    4. After your application has been reviewed, the ABBA Fund will make their recommendations to the elders.

Who decides how the funds are dispersed?

Once your application is received, the ABBA Fund will make recommendations to the church elders about the amount that should be lent. The elders have the ultimate discretion, however, over the loan amount to be extended.

Can I make a contribution designated to help a specific family within our church?

Yes and no. In order for gifts to be tax-deductible by law, the intention must be to benefit the church. That said, folks can give to ABBA Fund and indicate a “preference” for who they
would like to receive the money. Donors should understand that ABBA Fund ultimately has full discretion over the funds but will do their best to accommodate the donor’s preferences.