How we spend the Lord’s Day

We seek to devote the entire Lord’s Day to worship and spiritual refreshment. We offer nursery for infants and toddlers (up through age 2) during Sunday School, Morning Worship and Afternoon Worship.

Here are the basics of our day together.

9 a.m. Sunday School

All of the classes, including the adults, will gather in the sanctuary for a time of family singing, Scripture memory and the learning of a great hymn. After this time of family singing, all are dismissed to their classes.

The classes will end at 10:10 a.m.

Curriculum for Youth Classes

  • Pre K – 4th grade: Great Commission Publications
    5th – 6th grade: “Creation to Christ for Children”
  • 7th and up: This class usually uses a book or other material that helps develop a Biblical Worldview. High Schoolers can make their choice of joining this class, or the adult class.

Curriculum for Adult Sunday School Class

The curriculum for adults varies. We recently finished an extensive course on Biblical Counseling by the Institute of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship ( This year we intend to pursue a variety of topics related to being healthy in our Christian walk.

10:30 p.m. Morning Worship

Morning worship includes a psalm reading, singing, corporate prayer and a sermon from the Bible. Our children attend the same service. To aid in training children at various stages we offer the following:

  • Training Chapel: For children learning to sit still in a service.
  • Cry Room: For parents with babies.
  • Reserved Seating: The back rows of the sanctuary are reserved for families with children so that they can be in the main service. This enables parents some latitude in guiding their children without distracting the rest of the congregation.

Noon: Lunch

For lunch, we have a brown bag lunch. In addition, we have a voluntary potluck, meaning families that choose to bring food can put their food on the food table for sharing. Each family is asked to bring a substantial dish for sharing if participating in the food line.

Visitors: We love having visitors stay with us. Don’t worry about bringing food if you are visiting, just come on over to the food line and grab a plate!

1:15 p.m. Afternoon Worship

We conclude our day together by gathering again for worship. The afternoon service offers the same basic features as the Morning Worship, yet with a different sermon.