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God’s Compassion to Idolaters

I love the book of Deuteronomy. It is filled with so many exhortations to obedience and reminders of God’s goodness and promises. This morning I was struck by something that Moses said to the generation about to enter the land. The first generation had died off (Deut. 1:34-40; 2:16). The second generation, which had seen […]

The Marks of a Healthy Christian

By: Brian Borgman This year’s theme is healthy Christians. We are going to be exploring some of these themes throughout the year. This past Sunday we started off the new year by looking at the characteristics or marks of a healthy Christian and then before the Lord’s Supper we look at what it means to […]

Some Brief Thoughts for Bible Reading

By Brian Borgman I want to encourage you with thoughts on Bible reading that I’ve shared before in one form or another. You need God’s Word and so be resolved to consistently read it this year. We know the passages, Matt. 4:4; Psa. 119: 9, 11, 105; Josh. 1:8 and so on. Great passages that […]