Five More Hymns to Cheer Your Fainting Soul

Here are five more newer or revised hymns to cheer your fainting soul. Since we begin with a revision of one of Luther’s hymns, I will add Luther’s quote on music once again. May these hymns fill you with joy in Christ! Music is a fair and lovely gift of God which has often wakened […]

Five Hymns to Cheer Your Fainting Soul

A while ago we did twenty hymns you should know and teach your children ( I want to do another list about hymns to sing when we are fainting, weary, or sad. God designed singing to rescue the soul from the abyss and darkness. Martin Luther explains it like this: Music is a fair and […]

Marriage & Eschatology

I was listening to two of my favorite Bible scholars, Dr. Tom Schreiner and Dr. Greg Beale discuss how to interpret the Book of Revelation. Towards the end, the interviewer asked Tom about over-realized eschatology and underrealized eschatology. Yummy! One of my favorite topics and relevant to 1 Corinthians! Over-realized eschatology says the New Creation […]