Next Steps: 1689 Chapter 11, Justification (Part 1)

We considered two very different perspectives on justification. These differences are summarized below. Explain:

  • (1) the differences in the two columns
  • (2) what difference it makes in my assurance.

Make vs Credit

Infuse vs Impute

Inside vs Outside

Moral transformation vs Legal declaration

Ethical vs forensic

Next Steps: 1689, Chapter 10: Effectual Calling

God’s effectual calling makes clear that we do not earn our salvation, either by our character or our works. How does this perspective humble us and bring glory to God?

Next Steps: 1689, Chapter 9: Free Will

One of the great hopes of the Gospel is that we will be perfected and only want what is good. To stoke your hope for that day:

  • Consider the ways you struggle between doing what is good vs. doing what is evil.
  • Spend time thinking about how good it will be when all you want is good and you never struggle with evil!