Rambling Jet-Lagged Thoughts on Parenting

I think about parenting a lot. I think about our own mistakes and the things we did right. It is a mixed bag. Perhaps the most regrets we have as we get older are what we did as parents. Woe to the parent who thinks they nailed it. Owning our mistakes is healthy for ourselves […]

Twenty Hymns that You Should Know and Teach Your Children

August 15, 2019 (revised 6/12/2023)/in articles /by Brian Borgman I love both old and new worship songs. We sing old songs, and we sing a lot of new songs in our worship. We do old and new on purpose. I love the Gettys, and I love Bernard of Clairvaux; I love Isaac Watts, and I love Fernando Ortega. […]

The Cry of a Dependent Heart: Thoughts on Psalm 25

Psalm 25 always strikes me. It is one of those Psalms that touches a nerve with almost every verse. It is Psalm which is so easy to pray because it is a rich prayer to God. It is the cry of a dependent heart. The first nerve that this Psalm touches for me is the […]