Emotional Fortresses

A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city, And contentions are like the bars of a citadel. Proverbs 18:19  This Proverb struck me this morning. First, notice that it is dealing with a brother. This does not only imply a blood brother, a sibling, but also a close friend, a companion. […]

How Are You Actually Handling Life Right Now?

When I get to talk to people in these difficult times, we almost always ask each other how we’re handling life right now. Without fail, we end up agreeing that this is a really difficult and unsettling time. How’s it going? Well, not that hot actually. But underneath that common experience lies a big difference: […]

You’ll Be Missed On Easter

Easter is wonderful. It’s a day to rejoice in the implications of the day Jesus Christ conquered death. There’s another reason Easter is wonderful: Churches everywhere get to have visitors who only come out on Easter (and Christmas). I want to reach out to all the visitors I won’t get to see this Sunday. First […]