Bible Saturation Reading Plan for the New Year

I put together a Bible Saturation Reading Plan.  Here is the description:

This Bible reading plan will take you through

  • the OT twice
  • the Psalms twice
  • the Proverbs twelve times
  • the NT four times

The daily reading will vary between eleven and nine chapters.
On some days the reading will be less, with blank boxes. Consider these make up or get ahead days.
Sometimes the Proverbs exceed the days of the month by one or two.
In April, June, Oct., and Dec. the OT reading is in two columns.
The OT and NT reading is in larger sections to maintain sectional unity. There is a Psalm and a Proverb every day.

The pdf attachment is the reading plan I developed. Bible Reading 24 revised 2.pdf

The google spreadsheet is also attached so that you can copy this and develop your own. Bible Reading 24 Spreadsheet