Next Steps: 1689, Chapter 14: Saving Faith, Part 3

Answer the following questions: How do we grow in our faith? How do we fight for our faith? Why is assurance so important for perseverance in faith?

Next Steps: Healthy Stewardship

How does stewardship compel Christians to care for themselves? How do the two great commandments do likewise? Additional Applications Are there any practices in your life that are unhealthy? If possible, ask someone who knows you for their opinion. Encourage them to be honest. Are you getting enough sleep to be healthy on a regular […]

Next Steps: 1689, Chapter 14: Saving Faith, Part 2

We know the Word of God is the Word of God by the testimony of the Spirit and the internal witness of Scripture (14.2 of Confession). But there are also external evidences that the Bible is reliable, trustworthy, inspired. How do these two perspectives relate to or complement each other?