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How Are You Actually Handling Life Right Now?

When I get to talk to people in these difficult times, we almost always ask each other how we’re handling life right now. Without fail, we end up agreeing that this is a really difficult and unsettling time. How’s it going? Well, not that hot actually. But underneath that common experience lies a big difference: […]

You’ll Be Missed On Easter

Easter is wonderful. It’s a day to rejoice in the implications of the day Jesus Christ conquered death. There’s another reason Easter is wonderful: Churches everywhere get to have visitors who only come out on Easter (and Christmas). I want to reach out to all the visitors I won’t get to see this Sunday. First […]

Incomplete Apart

As we enter this second week apart from one another, one of the most godly feelings you can nurture is that of being incomplete apart from each other. Is our Savior incomplete? By all means, no! Is our salvation incomplete? Thank God the answer is again “no.” But are the people of God incomplete when […]