You’ll Be Missed On Easter

Easter is wonderful. It’s a day to rejoice in the implications of the day Jesus Christ conquered death.

There’s another reason Easter is wonderful: Churches everywhere get to have visitors who only come out on Easter (and Christmas). I want to reach out to all the visitors I won’t get to see this Sunday.

First off, please check out our livestream (, the Easter service will begin at 10:30am on Easter.

Second, please don’t let the importance of Easter pass you by. During this time of pandemic and distress, Easter shines for what it really is. 

Human history is a long story of death. Death claims victim after victim after victim. This is the result of sin, breaking God’s law. And every time another victim closes their eyes for the last time, we feel—deep down in our gut—how wrong death is.

Easter is a remembrance that there is one who broke the power of death. Jesus Christ died and rose again—literally. He did so and proved that he was indeed the Son of God, capable of cleansing us of all our sins and giving us life that could never be taken from us, not even by COVID-19.

As a world, we are collectively asking some hard questions right now: Who is going to die? How many people are going to die? What will be the long-term damage of all of this?

These are the hardest kinds of questions and undoubtedly they have been on your heart often. You are not meant to wrestle with these questions far from God. 

Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day you can turn from your sin and your life far from God and take hold of the Savior. You may not be able to come to the church building on Easter, but that doesn’t mean salvation can’t come to you.

There is a Savior. His name is Jesus Christ. Trust in him and give him the rest of your days; and this Easter, you can celebrate in a brand new way the day your King conquered the grave.


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