Silver Reminiscences and Reflections: Kids

“When you put your hand on a child’s head, you touch a mother’s heart.” I heard these words from Pastor Albert Martin in a pastoral theology lecture during seminary. It got me thinking about children in the church. So often children grow up in the church and then they leave the church when they become […]

Silver Reminiscences and Reflections: The Long Haul

I came from a denomination where the average pastorate lasted 1.5 to 3 years. I became a part of a denomination where getting asked to go to a larger church was good evidence that one was a recognized success. Successful churches were big churches. I distinctly remember a now-mega-church pastor saw me reading Selling Jesus, […]

Silver Reminiscences and Reflections: The Shaping of our Identity

I became a Calvinist in seminary. I knew much of what was going on in evangelicalism was wrong-headed at best, unbiblical at worst. I knew that shallowness pervaded preaching and entertainment was mistaken for worship. I was reading Reformed theology and knew that it had to look like something in the life of the church. […]