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Phil Johnson plugs The Biggest Little Radio Station – Pilgrim Radio

A little bird that watches Phil Johnsons blog (see our blog list and look for Pyromaniacs) reported that Phil Johnson (Of Grace to You, the Spurgeon Archive, et al) plugged Pilgrim Radio on his blog.  Here it is:

Pilgrim Radio is an amazing ministry, perhaps the most edifying lineup of radio broadcasts you will find anywhere. Music is a buffer for the teaching broadcasts, which are laid out each day like a college class schedule. They prefer complete sermons rather than the half-hour format of most teaching programs, and the guys at Pilgrim generally have a good nose for great teaching.

The Pilgrim home office is in Carson City. They broadcast into several western states. But you can listen to them on line.

They broadcast sermons of mine occasionally and have done so for several years. Whenever I get a letter or e-mail from someone thanking me for my radio broadcast, I know that person has been listening to Pilgrim. They are currently airing my series on the Ten Commandments (between Matt Chandler on Luke and Mark Driscoll on 1 Corinthians).



Nuggets from John Owen

Nuggets from John Owen

John Owen is my favorite English Puritan.  His books on Sin and Temptation (Vol. 6), Communion with God (Vol. 2) and Spiritual-Mindedness (Vol. 7) have made an impact on me.  A two-part study on the life and theology of Owen is available on sermon audio (http://www.sermonaudio.com/search.asp?sourceonly=true&currSection=sermonssource&keyword=gracenevada&keywordDesc=&subsetcat=series&subsetitem=Life+and+Theology+of+John+Owen )

The Banner of Truth just released in Puritan Paperback version, Spiritual-Mindedness.  I will be sharing some nuggests from Owen as I read.  These nuggets are not meant to be a substitute to read Owen, they will hopefully serve as a catalyst to read Owen.

"Whoever does not sincerely aim at the highest standard of spiritual-mindedness; whoever is happy with a low standard of spiritual-mindedness and so does not make any effort to obey and please God in this manner, can have no real assurance in himself that he is born again and a truly spiritual person.  He may have life, but he will not have peace.  And if he does not have peace, then he can have no assurance that he has life" (5-6).

"The thoughts of the heart reveal the real truth about a person.  Thought which are voluntary, unforced, and which arise naturally- because they are delighted in and bring satisfaction to the mind- therese are the thoughts which show us the real truth about ourselve" (8).

Pastor Brian