Silver Reminiscences and Reflections: The Shaping of our Identity

I became a Calvinist in seminary. I knew much of what was going on in evangelicalism was wrong-headed at best, unbiblical at worst. I knew that shallowness pervaded preaching and entertainment was mistaken for worship. I was reading Reformed theology and knew that it had to look like something in the life of the church. […]

Silver Reminiscences and Reflections: The Fight for Encouragement

The plan was simple. We would grow our core group and equip them with the fundamentals of what a church is. Our little group of about 12 grew to about 14 or 15. It was not very amazing. The buildup, to what is called “the launch,” was unspectacular. The launch date was March 6, 1994. […]

Silver Reminiscences and Reflections: How We Got to Nevada

We are rapidly approaching our 25th anniversary as a church. We will have Bruce Ware and Joel Beeke help us celebrate. Our theme is going to be “Loving the Body of Christ,” which is close to my heart and eminently appropriate for our 25th year as a church. I am going to try to write […]