A word from Bruce Ware on our conference speaker.

Our dear friend, Dr. Bruce Ware, who went to seminary with Tom Schreiner and has been his colleague and fellow elder for many years, has this to say about our conference speaker…


Tom Schreiner is a very gifted scholar, teacher, and writer.  He’s working now on his full biblical theology, having published already a Pauline theology and a New Testament Theology, along with several other books.  But along with these gifts comes a kindness and graciousness that is not always found among people in the academic guild.  He loves the Lord, he loves his family, and he loves the church.  He is an excellent preaching pastor and elder, and he is deeply servant minded.  I have the utmost respect and love for Tom, and I know that those who hear him will benefit greatly from his wisdom, insight, and humble approach to God’s word.



Pastor Brian