An Introduction to the Gospel of Luke

Text: Luke 1:1-4
Speaker: Jason Ching
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We begin the Gospel of Luke with the context of the letter and the important question: Why do we bother studying this Gospel?

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  1. Berean Pilgrim
    Berean Pilgrim says:

    I study the gospel because I want to know more about Jesus as fully man. I have heard the gospel preached since I was a child, and I have a good handle on the Way of the Master type conversations, but I can’t say I comprehend Jesus as fully man. I mean, it's relatively easy for me to think about him as fully God (in a more spiritual way), but to think of him as a man, (coming from heaven and humbling himself, serving others, cooking breakfast, muddying his feet, having to do all of those normal human hygiene things, all the while having full knowledge of His authority and knowing that He would sit at the right hand of God being a real King for real subjects on real terrain – now that is something I have a really hard time understanding). So we can talk to him, audibly, and He will talk back to us – right? We will see Him when our faith becomes sight – right? This to me is amazing. I want to know more about the fully man Jesus and what he was like, is like, and will continue to be like – a real person in the flesh, not just a beam of spiritual like that has mystical powers and such. He is a fully man (and fully God) Messiah, our Savior, our friend, our shepherd, who eats and drinks and has emotions like us (though not stained by sin). He is the perfect Man, the real Son of God and He gave his body & blood for me. This man, that felt real stinging pain and sorrowful suffering, died and experienced God's wrath so I would not have to do so. Wow! I want to know more…

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