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Next Steps: 1689, Chapter 9: Free Will

One of the great hopes of the Gospel is that we will be perfected and only want what is good. To stoke your hope for that day: Consider the ways you struggle between doing what is good vs. doing what is evil. Spend time thinking about how good it will be when all you want […]

Next Steps: 1689 Chapter 8, Part 4

Look at paragraph 10 and explain in your own words why we need Jesus’ threefold office of prophet, priest and king. Praise him for the truths you discover! For some inspiration, Herman Bavinck said:  He had to be a prophet to know and to disclose the truth of God; a priest, to devote himself to […]

Next Steps: Elders’ Forum

At the Elder’s Forum, the elders answered a question that all Christians should be regularly asking: How would you like to grow in your walk with the Lord? Take the time to reflect on how you would answer this question, take the matter regularly to prayer and consider also sharing your goal(s) with a brother […]