Bibles, Busyness and Bunyan [Book Reviews]

The following are some recent reviews by Pastor Brian Borgman.

Every once in a while I am struck by certain books and there have been a few that have caught my attention recently.

Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung
Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung (a few copies available in the bookroom) is a short book on being busy. DeYoung is a great writer, with wit and biblical insight. The chapter on “A Cruel Kindergarchy” is especially appropriate for parents and worth the price of the book. This is not some “how-to” time management book, it is a book about priorities in the Christian life and it is very, very good.

The Jerusalem Sinner Saved by John Bunyan (1 or 2 copies available in bookroom).
I decided last month that I would make 2014 my Bunyan year, and picked up some of his shorter works. This little book is a pure delight. It is rich in the grace of the Gospel and filled with Bunyan’s delicious wording and deep insight. I will keep you posted on more Bunyan, but this is a gem. It will thrill your soul with God’s grace.

The NASB single column, wide margin by the Lockman Foundation.
I thought I had bought my last Bible, but in the course of travel, some of the delicate pages on my expensive goatskin were damaged. I took a quick look at the Lockman Foundation’s website and in Dec 2013 they released a wonderful new single column NASB (which is all I have used since 1997). I love the single column and side references. But the thing about this Bible is that it is not real fat, rather slender, and has a nice 1 inch margin for notes. The other single columns I have had have not had much room for writing. Even though it has a 1 inch margin, it is not unwieldy. By early next week there should be one in the bookroom.