Big Bad John Lyrics for home and office use

Big Bad John by Brian Borgman & Gary Wheeler to the tune of Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean



Every morning at the office you could see him arrive

Carrying a Bible and Owen volume five,

Kinda slumped at the shoulders and broad the hip

Everyone knew he didn’t joke or quip – Big John

Big John, Big John, Big bad John


Nobody seemed to know where John called home

Just drifted into church and studied all alone

He didn’t say much… kinda quiet and shy

And if he spoke at all, he’d just say “Hi, this is John.”


Somebody said he came from Washington State

A single man with no prospect for a mate

But that was OK cuz he really loved the books

Watson, Bunyan, Tolkein and Brooks – Big John

Big John, Big John, Big Bad John


Then came the day when the yentas started schemin

A dutchman and a cuban, you’ve gotta be dreamin

A match made in heaven, of this we were sure

A beauty from Florida was finally the cure for Big John


With hurricane Francis – beatin’ down the door
Ol’ Monty and Ernie couldn’t take any more
They dragged out the ring, made the knot get tied
No one really noticed but he really did cry, cause that’s John
Big John, Big John, Big Bad John


Then came the day from the land of Lee

When a man named Bob made a simple plea

“Come over to Virginny and give us the Word

You’re a good preacher, least that’s what we’ve heard’ – Big John


With an open Bible and lots of love

A deacon cried out, “There’s a light up above”

And fifty members scrambled with joy in their heart

They all wanted to know, “When can he start?” – Big John

Big John, Big John, Big Bad John


Well now John, with his family, are heedin the call

Heading out east, in a big U-Haul

We’ll miss him much, our hearts will be sad

But over at Trinity, they’ll be glad, cause they got John

Big John, Big John, Big Bad John