Brian Update 5/20

From Brian: 

Dear friends and family,

Ariel and I want to thank you for your prayers on our behalf at the throne of grace. God has answered so many prayers and we only ask you to continue. We also want to thank you for all the cards, emails, meals and calls.

These past three weeks have been a blurry roller coaster ride. Some days are OK, some days are not OK and the Lord puts a good one in every once a while. I know I am progressing, but it is hard to see when I am having a hard day. Mornings are typically a big challenge, but thank God He gave me a good one this morning. Nights are typically uncomfortable, but last night was also pretty restful. I still tire very easy, but I know God is increasing my strength.

Ariel and I are so thankful to our Heavenly Father. The vision in my left has been restored. The tumor was benign. The surgeon said it was 99.8% removed. God preserved my life the day after the surgery when my heart stopped for 15 seconds. The UCSF medical center was a huge blessing. I have an incredible wife and kids. Ariel and Ashley have been life-savers.

Please continue to pray for my recovery. Pray for good mornings, pray for renewed strength, pray that I would not succumb to depression. It is easy for me to get depressed. Pray that I would draw near to God and that He would draw near to me. Pray that God would continue to use this trial for the glory of His name and the good of His people.

Grateful for you,

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Lottie from Ohio (SermonAudio listener): There are some sermons by Brian Borgman :-) that may benefit you doing this difficult time. Many of his messages have taken me from discouragement to praising GOD for being GOD. That Jason Chang fellow does a great job too! I will ask the LORD to "show Himself strong" to you, my brother. And I pray for Ariel, Ashley and other family members too.

    (Just found out none of my comments by my mobile device were really posted. Must have been a compatibility issue.)

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