Why I am excited about the Gettys being at Grace

When we first started the church, much contemporary worship music wasn’t that good. We had to be incredibly selective because the content was typically shallow. But about 15-20 years ago some things started to change. Sovereign Grace Music and Indelible Grace began to revitalize some old hymns (e.g., Before the Throne of God Above). Sovereign Grace also wrote some newer songs which had solid doctrinal content. However, around 2001, the Gettys, along with co-writer Stuart Townend, starting writing hymns for the church. In Christ Alone was the hymn which started it all. The theological substance and congregational quality to their hymns have made them the premiere hymn writers for the church today. We sing many of their songs regularly. Add to that fact that the Gettys are also some of the premiere worship leaders today. They lead worship at huge conferences like The Gospel Coalition and the Shepherds Conference, to mention just a few. In my estimation they are the finest hymn-writers and worship leaders alive today.

In God’s providence they are passing through on tour and are going to stop in Minden, Nevada (thanks to the hard work of Ashley Feathers)! I know we have never charged for an event before, but this was an opportunity we could not pass up. The evening is going to be a wonderful time of worship with two of God’s choice servants and gifts to the church. It will provide an opportunity for to hear Keith and Kristyn Getty in a small venue, up close and personal.