Five More Hymns to Cheer Your Fainting Soul

Here are five more newer or revised hymns to cheer your fainting soul. Since we begin with a revision of one of Luther’s hymns, I will add Luther’s quote on music once again. May these hymns fill you with joy in Christ!

Music is a fair and lovely gift of God which has often wakened and moved me to the joy of preaching . . . Music drives away the Devil and makes people happy . . . Next after theology I give to music the highest place and the greatest honor. I would not change what little I know of music for something great. Experience proves that next to the Word of God only music deserves to be extolled as the mistress and governess of the feelings of the human heart. We know that to the devils music is distasteful and insufferable. My heart bubbles up and overflows in response to music, which has so often refreshed me and delivered me from dire plagues (Here I Stand, p. 266).

From the Depths of Woe

This is Reformed University Fellowship and Christ Presbyterian Church version is a musical revision of Martin Luther’s hymn from Psalm 130. (I like this better than the Indelible Grace version). Psalm 130 is a penitential Psalm that ends in triumph. Luther captured it in the lyrics and Christopher Miner captured with the music that builds and crescendos with the best of hopes,

“Our Shepherd good and true is He,

Who will at last His Israel free,

from all their sin and sorrow.”  (We linger over “from all their sin and sorrow).

This has been a favorite at Grace for many years.

I Will Wait for You

Shane and Shane version

This is a new Getty song, also from Psalm 130. I cannot express how this song grips my soul with hope. Again, the music and the words combine to give life and truth to my soul.

“I will wait for You until my soul is satisfied.

I will wait for You, I will wait for You,

through the storm and through the night.

I will wait for You, Surely wait for You,

For Your love is my delight.”

The restless soul finds rest in this message. This is a song of confident expectation in the God of promise.

Good and Gracious King

On Nov. 3, 2019 I got a call from dad at 3:30 AM. Choking through tears he told me my mom had just died. Ariel and I got in my truck and started the 120 mile trip to my hometown. There were a handful of songs we listened to over and over, and this was one of them. We love singing it with our congregation. It is one of many new songs from CityAlight. There are so many beautiful lines that grip my heart with joy in my good and gracious King!

You deserve the greater glory

Overcome, I lift my voice

To the King in need of nothing

Empty handed I rejoice

When We See Your Face

This is also a new favorite for many reasons. I love Bob Kaughlin and Sovereign Grace Music. This is from my favorite Sovereign Grace Music CD, “Prayers of the Saints.” The song grips my heart with eager and joyful hope we have of seeing His face.

And the battles we’ve been fighting

Those without and those within

Will be underneath our feet

To never rise again

All our sins will be behind us

Through the blood of Christ erased

And we’ll taste Your kindness

when we see Your face

We will see, we will know

Like we’ve never known before

We’ll be found, we’ll be home

We’ll be Yours forevermore

Because Love Came Down

I have to include my favorite Anthems of Grace song. This is homegrown. The words are from Jason Ching, the music is by Ally Guddat. The singer and musicians are listed at the bottom. The words are so powerful because they are simply biblical. The music is so fitting to the truths expressed!

I bow before my Lord and God

To the One who holds me in His sovereign hand

My risen Savior reigns in love

And sits enthroned in power at God’s right hand

All praise to God

No glory be to man

All praise to God eternally