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From Ray Ortlund’s Blog, Christ is Deeper Still http://christisdeeperstill.blogspot.com/

Too gospel-centered?

“It is not easy to get the law killed. Something of a legal disposition remains even in the believer while he is in this world. Many a stroke does self and self-righteousness get, but still it revives again. If he were wholly dead to the law, he would be wholly dead to sin. But so far as the law lives, so far sin lives. They that think they know the gospel well enough betray their ignorance. No man can be too evangelical [gospel-centered]. It will take all his life-time to get a legal temper destroyed.”

Ralph Erskine, Sermons and Other Practical Works, II:276.

When Christ arose from the dead and ascended to the throne of God, it was an eviction-notice served on Satan.

David Clark