In Honor of 43 Years of Marriage

In Honor of 43 Years of Marriage


My Mom and Dad have been married 43 years today.  On July 9, 1966 they were married at Saint Boniface Catholic Church in Nicolaus, CA


I thank God for their marriage. It has not been a perfect marriage, but it has been an enduring one. I love endurance. It is a quality that is biblical, but uncommon, especially today. They have given to me an example of perseverance in marriage which is a real gift and has made me want to make sure I give it to my children.

But many things can be endured which are not necessarily enjoyable. A man can persevere through battle, a woman through cancer, a family through poverty, and although the endurance is admirable, the circumstances are not. Their endurance has been in a marriage which is not a world war nor a pestilence or disease. Their marriage is filled with love. I suppose that’s why it has endured. I know that they love each other with a real love that is deeply committed. I saw it when I was a kid, but now appreciate it as an adult. From a man’s perspective, my dad’s love and commitment are exemplary; not perfect, but a reflection of a man loving his wife as Christ loved the church.

I also thank God that they are friends. Some people endure. Some even endure because of a sense of love and commitment, but they have other people that they would rather be around than their spouse. When I look at them, I see two people who are friends, who like each other and truly enjoy each other’s company.

When I look at their marriage I feel a great sense of satisfaction because I know that Ariel and I have the same qualities. We have those qualities because of God’s grace, of course, but part of the grace is the good model we have.

I love them both very much. They are both wonderful parents and always have been. I also thank them that they have embodied something that is rare and yet precious in the sight of God, an enduring, loving marriage which is a covenant of companionship.

I wish them a happy 43rd celebration of an uncommon union, which nobody thought would last.

Their Son, Brian