Nuggets from Owen (3rd installment)

There can be no greater evidence of a rewewed heart and mind than a change in the habit and stream of our thoughts (33).

True conviction of sin is not only concerned with outward actions but also with the thoughts and intents of the mind (33-34).

New airms, goals and objects must be presented to the mind.  When these aims and objects are spiritual, then our minds will be spiritual (34).

Consider how much time you spend thinking about spiritual things compared to how much time you spend thinking about other things (36).

Many complain that when they think of spiritual things, worldly thoughts intrude.  Well then, when you think of worldly thoughts, do spiritual things intrude (37)?

Consider whether spiritual thoughts constantly take first place when the mind is free to think as it please (38).

If we cannot give God our spare time as well as those special times we have dedicated to him, it is clear that we do not think that fellowship with im is a thing to be greatly desired (39).

From Spiritual-Mindedness; by John Owen; Abridged and made easy to ready by R. J. K. Law; Banner of Truth Trust, Puritan Paperbacks, Edinburgh 2009