Nuggets from Owen (IV)

Reminder:  These little nuggets from Owen are not meant to be ready through quickly, but pondered and meditated upon.
I pray they will motivate you to read the whole book!

In every disaster God is calling us to trust ourselves, our families, and all our enjoyments to His sovereign will and wisdom, so that we may be ready to part with all things when He calls, and that without any regrets (43).

If you still love the world, and perhaps love it more that you ever did before; if your desires are to keep safe the things of this world; and if your thoughts are never on how you can entrust yourselve and all you to God’s will and pleasure, I cannot see how you can judge yourselves to be spiritually minded (45).

The spiritually minded person meditates thoughtfully on special trials and temptations (45).

Think of the guilt of sin so that you may be humbled.
Think of the power of sin, so that you may seek strength to overcome it.
Do not think of the actual sin.  Do not set your mind on the things that are in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.  These re not subjects for meditation.  Instead think much of how you can be saved from the power of temptation (46).

A spiritually minded person meditates on all things in religion, concerning faith and those good works which God has prepared for him to walk in (49).

Meditation of heavenly things will greatly increase and strengthen faith (50).

Meditation on heavenly things will make us ready to take up the cross; ready for all sorts of suffering to which we may be exposed (53).

Pastor Brian