Growing in Holiness: Sanctification’s Agency & Means [Sermon]

Text: Various | Download notes (.docx)Series: Growing Into Christ: Yesterday, Today & Forever Speaker: Bruce Ware3/8/14[Listen or Download] How does God intend for us to be more Christ-like? Quote: “We instinctively and naturally seek to be like what we adore.”  “We are a dependent people, we look to another to provide what we cannot.”

Sanctification by the Spirit [Sermon]

Text: Ephesians 5Series: Growing Into Christ: Yesterday, Today & Forever Speaker: Tom Schreiner3/8/14[Listen or Download] Ephesians 5 describes how Christians must live in the light, live wisely and live in the Spirit. Quotes: “No command of God is legalistic in itself.” “The commands of God cast us back on the grace of God.”

Walk Worthy [Sermon]

Text: Ephesians 4Series: Growing Into Christ: Yesterday, Today & ForeverSpeaker: Tom Schreiner3/7/14[Listen or Download] This sermon begins a whirlwind tour through how Christians should live based on Ephesians 4-6. Quote: “The world says, ‘Let’s all get united. Can’t we all get along?’ But we don’t have to say that as a church. We’re already united. […]