The Birth of Salvation

Text: Luke 2:1-7
Speaker: Jason Ching
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The story of the birth of Jesus is famous, yet profound. Many historical details are missed in popular understanding. Likewise, many Christians will be blessed and convicted to consider their own reception of Christ and whether they have understood just how significant it was that the Son of God was born.

Discussion Questions

  1. In God’s perfect plan, Mary gives birth in circumstances that are less than ideal. What part of these circumstances stands out to you most? 
  2. Mary famously declared, “Let it be to me according to your word.” In faith, she was completely submitting to God’s will. At the same time, she likely had no idea of what it would mean to submit to God’s plans. What should we expect if we likewise wholeheartedly submit to God’s will in our lives? 
  3. In what ways do disciples of Christ refuse his control and his place in their lives? 
  4. What should motivate us to submit to God’s control over our lives?