The Covenant with Abraham, Part 2

Text: Genesis 15:7-21
Speaker: Brian Borgman
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God makes a land grant promise to Abram, but it will not be fulfilled immediately. However, God guarantees the promise through a covenant ritual which dramatizes His gracious character and covenant relationship with Abram.

Discussion Questions

1.      What is the significance to the “historical prologue” to the covenant in V. 7? Hint: It finds a parallel later in Israel’s history.

2.      Why does the promise to possess the land seem as unlikely as the promise of descendants?

3.      If Abram’s question in v. 8 is not doubt, what is it revealing?

4.      Identify the four prophecies of the covenant in 15:13-16.

5.      What is the significance of God symbolically walking through the pieces of the animal by Himself?

6.      How many ways does this “cutting” of the covenant point us to the Gospel?