The Regret & Grief of God Considered

Text: Genesis 6:5-8
Speaker: Brian Borgman
[Listen or Watch: Part 1] | [Listen or Watch: Part 2]

In Gen. 6:5-8 we read that God both regretted that He made man and was grieved. Did man’s rebellion and sin take God by surprise? Is the flood like a person starting out a painting or a sculpture and then not liking what he has made and so he crumples it and starts over?

This passage insists that we consider this revelation of God and ask the questions, does God change His mind and does God have emotions? These two sermons will be an excursion into the doctrine of God. The relevance of these questions is huge for our daily life.

Here are some books that have been influential and helpful: JI Packer, Knowing God; AW Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy; John Frame, The Doctrine of God; John Frame, No Other God; K. Scott Oliphint, God with Us: Divine Condescension and Attributes of God; Rob Lister, God is Impassible and Impassioned.