A Weekend with Conrad Mbewe

Text: 1 John
Speaker: Conrad Mbewe

We were blessed to host Conrad Mbewe this weekend. All of his sermons from the weekend are available on Sermon Audio.

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  1. Berean Pilgrim
    Berean Pilgrim says:

    I really enjoyed the Sunday School hour & hearing about the state of the church in Africa. I couldn't help but think that nearly everything he stated (apart from geography) could be applied to the U.S. The more I hear missionaries speak from other regions throughout the developing world, the more I realize that the state of the church in the good ol' U.S.A. has really digressed,… and the nation is filled with a bunch of dressed up pagans & savages that are fooled by our nice cloths, vehicles and recreational exploits. I am thankful to hear of God's wok in Africa, and I pray that He will bless our work here as well… May we work well.

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