From Brian 5/10

My dear Christians friends, this is the first time I’ve been on facebook since my surgery. I will keep this short since my head still hurts! First, thanks to my precious daughter, Ashley, who kept my status updated. The surgery was nearly 11 hours. For Ariel and the kids and the folks at home, it was a really long day! It appears that all of the tumor was removed. God preserved me the next day from death when my heart stopped for a bit. These lyrics from Fernando Ortega have been my joy: 

For the Lord, our God, He is strong to save
From the arms of death, from the deepest grave,
And He gave us life in His perfect will,
And by His good grace, I will praise Him, still.
As I lay in the ICU I was so overwhelmed that I had seen the goodness of God IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING! (Psa. 27:12).
I went into surgery with these verses: Psa 3:5; 4:8; 13:5-6
As I sit here in my living room, my heart overflows with gratitude to my eternally kind Father and King and His blessed Son, whose blood and cleansed me from all sins and the His precious family. I am so thankful for a wife who is so strong in the Lord, and three kids who love their dad and a sister whose love is strong and loyal.
Brothers and sisters, thank you for your prayers! God is worthy to be trusted and glorified. Your continued prayers are desired. All of the intrusion,cranial cutting, orbital bar removal, etc etc makes a painful recovery!!
Blessed be the name of the LORD!
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  1. Jason Wall
    Jason Wall says:

    I bless the Lord for His keeping you through your surgery. I will continue to pray for your healing and your family. You and your preaching have been a blessing to me more than you could know!

  2. melissa throgmorton
    melissa throgmorton says:

    Wish I had known before your surgery but now can be praying for continued recovery and blessings. You have blessed mine and my husband's lives immensely over the last several months listening to your teachings. Well done good and faithful servant of the LORD!

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