Some Cheerful Clarifications on Notetaking

Recently I commented on notetaking during the sermon, ( What I said specifically was, “I am not a fan of notetaking during a sermon because the sermon is not a lecture, it is preaching and preaching is a spiritual dynamic between the preacher, the congregation, and the Holy Spirit. I would rather see your eyeballs […]

Going Hard After God, Together

When we gather on the Lord’s Day our purpose is to go hard after God, to meet with God, to worship God with heart-felt, truth-filled singing and to receive His Word with prepared and eager hearts and minds. This does not just happen. It is the fruit of preparation, reflection, and consideration. I want to […]

Harvest Blessing Devotional: Thankful for Trouble

By Scott Martin, 11/11/2020 Introduction When I was asked to deliver the devotional at the 2020 Harvest Blessing Dinner, I knew I wanted to speak about thankfulness. Although many of us haven’t spent the past weeks doing much harvesting, harvest dinners have always been a time of thanksgiving for abundance and provision since probably the […]