Mercy in the Wilderness

Text: Genesis 16:1-16
Speaker: Brian Borgman
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Sarai makes a terrible suggestion to help fulfill God’s promise of a son. Abram passively goes along with it. Hagar, an Egyptian woman, is brought into this mess. In spite of all this, God is faithful and merciful to the least likely suspect!

Discussion Questions

  1. What had just happened in Abram’s life, preceding this fiasco? Why is it important to remember this pattern? 
  2. List as many parallels to the fall as you can (Gen. 3, Gen. 16) 
  3. How did Hagar complicate an already complicated situation? 
  4. List all of the mercies God showed to Hagar. 
  5. What lessons do you see in the fact that the tension for the covenant people, Abram and Sarai, was unresolved.