Sacred Paradoxes

Text: Luke 6:17-26
Speaker: Jason Ching
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In Jesus’ famous beatitudes, we learn that God’s values are far different from the world’s. We also learn how eternity is meant to motivate us in daily life.

Discussion Questions 

  1. What is a woe? 
  2. What is one blessing that is particularly encouraging to you? Why? 
  3. What is one woe that is particularly convicting to you? Why? 
  4. God’s values are very different from the world’s. How should that affect how you live? 
  5. Eternity is always meant to motivate our lives in the present. How would properly considering eternity affect your attitude and actions in the following situations:
    • A broken relationship
    • An unsatisfying and difficult work situation
    • A spiritually dry time of life